Executive Leadership Webinar

Why Trust Matters and What Leaders Can Do About It

October 6, 2023
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET


Senior bueiness executives

About the Webinar

Trust in leadership is important for organizations even in the best of times. It is more difficult to establish, maintain and rebuild trust when faced with high levels of uncertainty, staffing and retention challenges, remote and hybrid work arrangements, and a politicized social climate.

This webinar for executive leaders will provide organizational leaders with a fundamental understanding of organizational trust, including a summary of the literature on organizational trust and psychologically healthy workplaces, research on the risks associated with low trust and how organizations maintained trust during the COVID-19 pandemic, and practical tips on building a trusting culture.

Presented by the Psychology in the Workplace Collaborative with support from the Kentucky Psychological Foundation


Courtney Keim, PhD
Bellarmine University

Dr. Courtney Keim is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Bellarmine University and Industrial & Organizational Psychologist with over 10 years of teaching and consulting experience. Her research focuses on organizational wellness and psychologically healthy workplace practices, personality, and pedagogical best practices. She has given numerous talks to national and local government agencies, businesses, and professional associations on best practices in workplace wellness. Dr. Keim has consulted with organizations including departments within Louisville Metro Government, Norton Behavioral Medicine, Maryhurst, and Lantech Corporation. Dr. Keim also teaches a variety of psychology courses, supervises psychology internships, advises student theses, and mentors students. Dr. Keim is the current President of the Kentucky Psychological Foundation, where she leads initiatives in diversity, equity, and inclusion, psychologically healthy workplaces in Kentucky, student mentorship programs, and highlighting psychological research. She is also a Scientific Affairs Committee Member for the Society of Occupational Health Psychology.

Dr. Merv Gilbert

Merv Gilbert, PhD
Vancouver Psych Health + Safety Ltd

Dr. Merv Gilbert is a Director at Vancouver Psych Health + Safety Ltd, a consulting group providing services that enable organizations to foster psychologically healthy employees and workplace climates. He has worked as a psychologist for over thirty years in clinical and leadership roles in regional, provincial, and international settings. He is a primary participant in the development, evaluation, and dissemination of resources for workplace mental health. Dr. Gilbert has published in national and international professional journals and has presented at a diverse array of forums on the importance of workplace psychological health issues for individuals and organizations. He has consulted with governmental, private, and public-sector organizations. He recently led an evaluation of 40+ organizations as they implemented the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace on behalf of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

About the Organizers

The Psychology in the Workplace Collaborative is a strategic alliance of independent psychologists and organizational consultants with a shared mission of promoting business practices that support and advance workforce well-being, psychologically healthy workplaces, and organizational excellence.

Our members engage in professional activities spanning research, practice, education, training, and public outreach, and have extensive experience in governance, leadership, and volunteer service.

Our Collaborators

Kentucky Psychological Foundation

The mission of the Kentucky Psychological Foundation is to build a psychologically healthy Kentucky through: Decreasing mental illness and stigma; Promoting healthy behavior throughout life; Embracing diversity; Promoting leadership in psychology; and Helping all Kentuckians discover and reach their full potential.