Executive Leadership Webinar

How to Authentically Create a Sense of Belonging in Organizations

May 31, 2024
1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET


About the Webinar

Community, connection, and belonging are important characteristics of a psychologically healthy workplace. They help build capacity for resilience and have been linked to both worker well-being and organizational performance.

In this webinar, Dr. Courtney Keim will sit down with Javier Evans, Chief Human Resources Officer at Webster Bank, and Wiston Rodriguez, incoming Assistant Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University, to talk about the relationship between belongingness and DEI, how workers and the organization benefit when people feel like they belong, ways to create belonging in remote and hybrid work environments, and actions leaders can take to promote a sense of belonging in their own organizations.

Presented by the Psychology in the Workplace Collaborative with support from the Kentucky Psychological Foundation


Javier Evans, MS
Webster Bank

Javier L. Evans is Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer at Webster Bank, a leading commercial bank with more than $70 billion in assets. He is responsible for the company’s strategic direction and development of the human capital management practices focusing on compensation and benefits, talent management, leadership development, succession planning, DEIB efforts, and cultural and organizational development.

Javier previously served as Chief Business Operations and Services Officer at Sterling National Bank, where he directed the operations and service channels of the bank’s commercial, consumer, and digital client segments.

Prior to this role, Javier served as Chief Human Resources Officer for Sterling National Bank and the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Astoria Bank. Prior to joining Sterling, Javier directed the Human Resources function at TD Bank and TD Securities, National Financial Services Corporation, a Fidelity Investments Company, and HSBC Bank, USA.

He has been recognized by both industry and nonprofits for his contributions.

Wiston Rodriguez, MS
San Diego State University

Wiston Rodriguez is a senior learning specialist for Ketchum, a global PR communications agency, and will be starting as an assistant professor of psychology at San Diego State University (SDSU) this fall.

At SDSU, Wiston will expand his research program, which aims to promote healthy, inclusive, and equitable workplaces across two broad research streams: occupational health psychology and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

He uses a quantitative approach to:

(1) understand the impact of various workplace stressors on employee health and well-being, as well as potential predictors of these workplace stressors; and

(2) investigate the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace and the impact of these experiences.

His research has received funding from The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and has appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Personality and Individual Differences, Organizational Psychology Review, and Stress and Health.

Courtney Keim, PhD
Bellarmine University

Dr. Courtney Keim is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Bellarmine University and Industrial & Organizational Psychologist with over 10 years of teaching and consulting experience. Her research focuses on organizational wellness and psychologically healthy workplace practices, personality, and pedagogical best practices. She has given numerous talks to national and local government agencies, businesses, and professional associations on best practices in workplace wellness.

Dr. Keim has consulted with organizations including departments within Louisville Metro Government, Norton Behavioral Medicine, Maryhurst, and Lantech Corporation. Dr. Keim also teaches a variety of psychology courses, supervises psychology internships, advises student theses, and mentors students.

Dr. Keim is the current President of the Kentucky Psychological Foundation, where she leads initiatives in diversity, equity, and inclusion, psychologically healthy workplaces in Kentucky, student mentorship programs, and highlighting psychological research. She is also a Scientific Affairs Committee Member for the Society of Occupational Health Psychology.

About the Organizers

The Psychology in the Workplace Collaborative is a strategic alliance of independent psychologists and organizational consultants with a shared mission of promoting business practices that support and advance workforce well-being, psychologically healthy workplaces, and organizational excellence.

Our members engage in professional activities spanning research, practice, education, training, and public outreach, and have extensive experience in governance, leadership, and volunteer service.

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The mission of the Kentucky Psychological Foundation is to build a psychologically healthy Kentucky through: Decreasing mental illness and stigma; Promoting healthy behavior throughout life; Embracing diversity; Promoting leadership in psychology; and Helping all Kentuckians discover and reach their full potential.